Best Flip Phone Ever

best Flip Phone ever
Im looking for the best cell phone ever!?

Hello, Im looking for a phone that has the most storage for music, is easy to text messege with and has the best camera/video technology. I dont care for the price, i just want the best,..
and is not a flip phone,..

Thanks 🙂
I edited my original question because I am not getting the feedback wanted. Hopefully this will narrow down to a better precision for my request.

I will be traveling around the world therefore I need a music and video player, a camera to take pictures and a video camera all into one cell phone. I text message all the time but a qwerty keyboards is not necessary unless it doesn’t take much space.

I need the best phone in the world, which means I am prepared to import it. (Europe, Asia,etc..)

Most important features:
Music player with Hard-Drive space (for music and videos)
Mega Pixels 2-3 and up (I take lots of pictures)

Less important features:
Qwerty keyboard
3G tech.

Thanks again,

If you want a phone with lots of storage you’ll need to get one with an external card slot.

If you want a phone that’s easy to text on you’ll want a full keyboard.

Camera’s on phones still leave a lot to be desired.

I posted a comparison for you below, including all the features you want and limiting it to the 4 major U.S. carriers.

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