Best Flip Phone In India

best Flip Phone In India
I have an AT & T Sim card, I need only a mobile phone SIM card to set this. call no contracts with him?

I got an add on card sim from my cousin, I am a foreigner here in India. I use the phone has many problems, it is an AT & T SIM card in an old Motorola clamshell made. I buy a cell phone in which I can use this SIM card without any problems, I tried looking up the net. I found were all phones with different contracts and Data plans. I do not have any plan (SIM card) I just need a phone for my AT & T SIM card. I can buy such a phone here in DeKalb (60,115), in places such as Best Buy or Walmart or online. pls help me out in this respect PS: I like to get a phone with WLAN option in.

You could get on ebay

India Arie – Video

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