Best Smart Phone Apps

best Smart Phone Apps
best smart phone apps
What's on the cutting edge of mobile technology?

I get my first smartphone (Samsung Epix). I know about SMS (I prefer to talk with the people), I have something of Twitter (not interested), which are must-try the Apps and the latest generation of a Smart Phone Capabilities. Give me your best things. Not interested in toys like iPhone crap. Make it good. Thank you! Hmmm. I do not agree. The smartphone replace a PDA + cell phone that I carry around now. It has Bluetooth, WiFi and makes more than I can think of. But thanks for taking the time to answer.

In all seriousness, almost nothing. The tip of the line technology right now is the touch screen and motion sensors in the phone. There is almost no advantage with a smartphone, it's just a marketing system.

Android users consume more data as iPhone users from Verizon new Android users are owners with far more data than AT & T's iPhone, says a new study. But the two populations look like junkies megabyte on BlackBerry owner towards. iPhone – Verizon – AT & T – Smartphone – Blackberry

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