Best Smart Phone Battery Life

best Smart Phone Battery Life
What is the best Verizon Wireless Smart Phone?

I am thinking about upgrading my current phone to a smart phone and was wondering what the best phone to get is. I want a Smart Phone with good battery life and camera. I also prefer that it isn’t touch screen but can compromise. I really like the looks of the Blackberry Phones but there are a lot of different ones that I don’t know which one would be the best for me. Thanks in advance for any input!
I also like Pandora and would want to have the ability to play Pandora from the phone

The best BlackBerries out for Verizon right now are the Tour & Storm 2. BlackBerries have phenomenal battery life. I usually only charge mine once every other day.

Another good smartphone from Verizon is the Motorola Droid. It’s more of an entertainment device whereas BlackBlerries focus on functionality. And, the battery isn’t as good on the Droid. It’s still a really neat phone, though. It’s kind of like Verizon’s version of an iPhone, only w/ Android & a physical keyboard.

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