Best Smart Phone Droid

best Smart Phone Droid
What is better…the droid eris or the omnia 2 from verizon?

I am due for my uprgrade and I’m looking for a really good smart if you could tell me the best one of those two o a diff one hat would really help… Thanks

if you are new to “smart-phones” and want something easier to work with go with the droid but if you like customizations and want to be able to say “my phone can do that” go with WM, just remember that its almost like your home computer and not as easy/simple to work as an iphone or droid phone until you learn how to work the phone and WMphones are love it or hate it (i love them and wont consider another operating system)

but if you want better go with the DROID by Motorola over the Eris
or the imagio (has WM6.5) or touch pro2(WM6.1) over the omnia2

Breaking Down the Best Smart Phones

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