Best Smart Phone Internet

best Smart Phone Internet
I would like a smart phone that can surf the internet what is the best one?

I would like a standard key pad on the front and a keyboard that can slide out.

Go and check out the Samsung “Moment”. It has both the front touch pad and the slide out qwerty key board. It is also a complete processor, ie; internet, browser, facebook, e-mail,word, excel,games, tv, gps,apps- really, it has it all! I have it and love it!

My daughter just got the “Hero” last night. She has all of the same services that my “Moment” has, but only the touch screen- she is already finding that, with acrylic nails or gloves, it doesn’t respond to the touch. Both of us are very petite and even so, the touch screen causes allot of typos from “fat fingering”.

I just upgraded from the Blackberry Tour- it was pretty good, however, I had problems with a non-functioning “scroller” (they have redesigned a fix for this), and due to my vision problems, I really prefer a complete key board and full screen.

If you really want to check out all of the phones and most of the service providers, go to a Radio Shack, they offer many of the service providers and phone without bias, so you can find what works for YOU!

Good luck!


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