Best Smart Phone Verizon Wireless

best Smart Phone Verizon Wireless
What is the best smartphone currently on verizon wireless?

For Fathers Day I want to buy my dad a new phone. He currently has the samsung saga and he does not like the software of it. He does not like the windows internet or something on it. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good smart phones…or any phones that have WI-FI..that’s what my dad needs the most…internet. Thanks so much!!

Your out of luck cause the only ones with wifi now on Verizon are all windows base. The other options are blackberry but they have no wifi. Treos would be the last options but Verizon don’t sale them any more but you could try eBay.

Glentel takes stake in U.S.-based Diamond Wireless
Canadian wireless retailer Glentel Inc. is getting into the U.S. market, agreeing Monday to purchase a majority stake in a U.S. retail chain that sells Verizon Wireless for US$50.45-million

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