Blackberry Flip Phone Unlocked

blackberry Flip Phone unlocked
Visiting e-bay for a phone. One says, I like it is unlocked. What does this mean?

I'm already with T-Mobile and want a BlackBerry flip for a cheaper price. My contract will be in another year, all the good advice?

This means you can use any SIM card in it and it is with this SIM card to work. You can Tmobile or ATT or any other GSM SIM and you can call and text. It has the SIM-Lock to be removed, unlocked it. BlackBerry BlackBerry's need a plan. You would have to in order to get from Tmobile, the full potential of the phone. Check with customer service / technical support, if these questions. If you have then with Tmobile for 22 more months, ask them if they give you unlimited talk for 49.99 and add to the plan that BlackBerry. That is my advice. Good luck.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Quadband Unlocked Phone

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