Blackberry Smart Phone Cases

blackberry Smart Phone Cases
blackberry smart phone cases
Question about the blackberry bold?

1.) Is this a good phone? (does it work good, features, ect) If not, what are other good smart phones (besides iPhone)?

2.) When I went to the store to look at the blackberry, the sales person said all websites are available (when paying for internet), but when you go to certain websites, the phone company (in my case, Vodafone) charges (a lot) more. What websites CAN you go onto without paying any more? (I live in Germany, but I’m guessing it is the same as the states so…)

3.) Do you think the blackberry bold is worth getting (btw I’m 14)?

I have the Blackberry Storm ( yet to see any of the bad that was talked about), and I have Verizon. I am not sure what you actually asking, but I have a plan that takes care of the data you would be using. The web sites that I go to are all included in the data plan that I have. I am not sure about Germany, but I live in the United States( I do not have a problem).Good Luck

Blackberry 8300 Curve PDA smartphone Plastic Crystal case

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