Blackberry Smart Phone Vs Iphone

blackberry Smart Phone Vs Iphone
Are there any better phones in Japan than the iPhone?

What are the ones that would work in the US? I am sick of this Pre vs iPhone stuff I see every day. They all are mediocre compared to Japanese phones I hear. If this is true what is the best phone in Japan, or what is their equivalent to a Blackberry?

Are there any good stylish phones that are better than American, but still work in America? If not a smart phone, than what phones are good? I don’t have any preference I just want something different than a Blackberry or iPhone. That’s all people talk about. I know most of the JP features won’t work here but I don’t care. Thanks.

Yes, everyone is going on about the iPhone, even when there are way better phones out there.
I reckon even the nokia N85, beats the iPhone. Japan has the best variety of electronics in the world. There is a new nokia take a look.

I don’t think it’s out yet, but it will be soon, definitely in Japan.

Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G

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