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Mobile Cell Phones Prices

mobile Cell Phones prices
What is the best T-Mobile phone can I get more money for not too much?

I wanted to get a witch T-Mobile just does not know. and theres not that many in T-Mobile I like that so I wanted to know, if anyone can help me a good phone 4 a decent price. I have a RAZR V3 in n tired plus each has a RAZR now

To and they are many free cell phones from T-Mobile.

T900 -Amazing Low Price Multifunction Quadband TV Dual SIM Working Simultaneously Mobile Cell Phone from Chinese Mobile Phone Wholeseller Babikenshop

Mobile Cell Phones

mobile Cell Phones
What format do videos have to be to play on mobile/cell phones?


i tryed mp4 but i didnt work (it could have just been the video)

but is it flv etc??

Try converting the file to the file extension .3gp

Mexico Still Plans to Cut Service to Millions of Cell Phones
Last Saturday at midnight, the deadline passed for Mexican cell phone subscribers to register their phones with the government’s National Registry of Mobile Phone Users, or Renaut. If they did not, the Mexican government promised to soon begin cutting off their cell phone service.

Mobile Cell Phone Reviews

mobile cell phone reviews
mobile cell phone reviews
Hello Kitty Cell Phone?
What make & Model is this phone?

Does anyone have this phone?

Let me know what it’s like.
Also, any reviews on this phone?

It’s $190 roughly.
I just want to read reviews first, as I know these character phones tend to be rubbish.
Is it a reliable brand?
Lol. Thanks Brokenth.
I’m not Chinese either, but if it’s in Mandarin I speak it.

Why would you get your son a pink cellphone?

its either the;

Hello kitty V9 touch screen slim cell phone
KT80 Hello kitty cell phone

but i’m not too sure.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup Search: Discover The Name And Home Address Of Anyone Dialling No Matter What Number They …
Finding the information of the owner of a telephone number can seem like a time consuming process for some.

Windows Mobile Cell Phone Review

windows mobile cell phone review

Sidekick LX Cell Phone Review

T-Mobile Sidekick LX is a messaging oriented cell phone which is designed to improve the ease of messaging. It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which is concealed under its beautiful screen. Not surprising, it goes well for messaging, emailing and other texting purposes.

The first, most noticeable difference, with this new product is that it has a much bigger screen; a 3″ screen with 65,000 colors at a 400×240 pixel (landscape) resolution. Even with a bigger screen, the phone is very slim and won’t look uncomfortable in the pocket of a tight pair of jeans.

On the part of usability, T-Mobile did not use the Android operating system (which T-Mobile G1 uses) on Sidekick LX – instead it contains a unique operating system designed solely to work with the Sidekick LX just perfectly, and it does it well. The unique operating system does mean, however, a certain lack of applications available for it (unlike phones running Symbian or Windows Mobile for example) but it does support Java so most things you would want to do with your phone should be available.

The camera on the phone is a very basic 1.3 megapixel camera that can’t record video – much like how the iPhone has been designed (update: T-Mobile later released a software update which includes video recording, playback and sharing capabilities; enhanced web browsing and A2DP support). A new feature in the Sidekick LX is that it has a camera flash, but seems to have no other camera features that many of its rivals do, including a lack of autofocus and no options on how to set the camera to different modes or conditions. Internal memory comes in at a mere 64Mb, so there isn’t much scope to store many MP3 files or photos, but there is the opportunity to expand this with a microSD card.

Most modern phones support 3G internet connectivity for a world that demands to be constantly online, but the Sidekick LX only manages a mere GPRS/EDGE connection. On standby, the phone lasts around 4 days which isn’t bad for a smart phone, but for such a less taxing phone could be a lot better. On the other hand, total talk time is rated at around 7 hours.

In conclusion, the T-Mobile Sidekick LX has responded to some consumers wanting a good looking, affordable phone that allows them to message with ease. However, it might be better to fork out a little more money to get a more well featured phone – namely a better internet connection, better camera and more internal memory – that can be purchased for less than a hundred bucks more.

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Free Mobile Cell Phone Tracker

free mobile cell phone tracker
free mobile cell phone tracker

The Many Ways to Track a Cell Phone Number Owner

If you want to track a cell phone number owner, there are really just three things you can do: (A) answer the phone when the number calls you, (B) hire a private detective to pose as a telemarketer for glow-in-the-dark condoms, or (C) use a reverse lookup company for mobile, telephone, or cellular numbers.

Of course, all solutions are based on the scenario that you’re being stalked by a loose-screwed psycho with a cell phone number that’s not on your contact list. Using solution A can tricky, as the caller might just hang up on you the moment you answer your call or worse, do a Hollywood-esque spiel like “I know WHO you did last summer…”

On the other hand, tracking by hiring a private detector is going to cost you a lot of money. And really now, detective agencies rarely have the knack for effective telesales calls.

A reverse lookup thus far is the most effective strategy you can take on. There are many reverse lookup companies on the Internet. Many of them are very good companies – the main downside to them is the price. Some charge as high as $25 per search. Other websites, meanwhile, charge a one-time fee – some as high as $59.

You can try looking for a free reverse lookup company tracker. Chances are, you’ll be like most Internet users – you don’t where to find them or you refuse to believe that they exist. In most cases, you might yourself hopping from one free reverse lookup service to another – hoping to find something that is perfectly legit and with an extensive database of numbers.

The common belief is that you won’t be able to find a very good free service on the Internet – for a very good reason. Cell phone service providers privately keep the database of their subscribers. It’s like they’re holding their database of cell phone subscribers in the palm of their hands. In order to tickle their hands open, the companies offering reverse lookup companies have to pay for access to the database. It can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars just to acquire and keep these databases updated.

The Balance In Favor

If you’re using a reverse lookup company, it is easy to track down a cell phone number owner. You will only need to enter the cell phone number and the results will be generated for you.

A typical lookup would have this kind of information:

The owner’s name
Cell phone company

In some cases, the information could be expanded to include the owner’s legal records, like if he or she has done time in jail, how times married and divorced, among other records. In choosing a reverse lookup company, what you should think about is the money-back guarantee. You should also think about how excellent customer support is. You certainly don’t want to waste your money on something that doesn’t work for you. And you really won’t like it if the company you booked doesn’t even reply to your emails.

About the Author

David shell is an attorney, and founder of
track cell phone number
– a website dedicated to help people track down the owners of
reverse cell phone numbers & more.

Free Mobile Cell Phone Games

free mobile cell phone games
Sites to download free mobile games?

My service provider does not allow downloads from my phone. Help me out fixing this even if you can. N Sims are some games like Bookworm I would like to have links to download

Every day, try this updated

Apple IPAD UK launch delayed one month because they demand the fight with the number of gadgets sold in the first weeks exceeded expectations and the company has has decided to immediately export the U.S. demand to satisfy.

Mobile Cell Phone Act

mobile cell phone act
Questions concerning Virgin Mobile and the new Wildcard cell.?

I’m thinking about buying a Virgin Mobile Wildcard cellphone and I’m wondering if it’s a smart move. I currently have a Nokia 6133 through TMobile (I have a pay-as-you-go plan). I’m kind of sick of it, TMobile doesn’t really offer anything unless you have a contract and lately the service has been sucky on my phone. (When I turn the phone on it takes a good 2 minutes before it can find a network and I live in Chicago; very much in the city.) Plus, the phone itself has been acting weird and I just got in June.

Is Virgin Mobile any better? I had it once, back in 2003 when it first came out and I remember it having alot of glitches, such as many problems with texting, (I would text someone who had a different cell service and they’d never receive my messages; and visa versa). Does it still have a lot of technical glitches and problems?

How’s the reception and network if you’re in a city environment?

I’ve been very happy with my Virgin Mobile service! I live in Orlando, but recently took a trip up to Chicago.. my phone worked great the whole time!! I’ve gone through a few different phones with them.. and I now have the Wildcard. I LOVE IT! If you’re into txtg, its a really good phone.. and it takes good pics. One of the other posters mentioned the Super Slice, but the antenna in that phone is on the bottom, so you always get less bars (I tried that one before I finally got the Wildcard). So IMHO…..


Cell Phone Providers Put On Hold For Moratorium
In an effort to address public health and safety concerns regarding wireless communications facilities, City Council is expected to pass a 120-day moratorium on the construction or approval of new facilities during its meeting on Tuesday, April 20.

Mobile Cell Phone Antenna

mobile cell phone antenna
what is the best cell phone to have for a mobile home?

I live in a mobile home and have to go outside to make calls…..I have cingular/nokia. Anybody know the best phone and will some type of antenna/power booster help?

If you have a metal roof mobile home and the home is in a slightly weaker reception area, you may find that none of the service providers can give you good reception inside your home.

But if you can get reception outside of the mobile home, you may want to look into an external antena. They can cost $30 to $100. Be sure you purchase one that will work with your phone. Some phones will require a special adapter cable. Depending on how strong your signal is, a desktop unit may be enough and they are very cheap.

If you want to get serious about getting a strong signal, you could get a cellular amplifier. There are car models and home models. The less expensive ones will be hardwired to your phone. They will cost $200-$300. Wireless ones will cost $400 to $1000 depending on how serious you are.

Hope this helps

Mobile payment systems gain traction
Cell phone-based automatic payment services are starting to gain some acceptance. Part of the pitch to merchants is lower processing fees than most credit card companies.

Mobile Cell Phone Software

mobile cell phone software
mobile cell phone software
is there any software by which i can exactly locate or trace my stolen mobile(cell phone)?

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii plzz help me!
yesterday i was i market somebudy have stolen my nokia 5300 cell how to locate my phone where is is kept plz tell me the software if the software is illegal then also tell me! help me!
i want 2 find my cell phone
help me i want 2 find my phone

There are online “gadget trackers” but you have to register the gadget before it is stolen, usually with a serial number. The same goes for software you would install on the phone itself. After something is stolen there’s not much you can do except file a police report and contact your cell phone carrier, so you won’t be charged if the thief runs up the bill.

M-COMMERCE: ‘I will pay by my cell phone’ NOKIA’S MOBILE MONEY. To the ubiquitous ‘cash or card?’ query, soon you may be able to say, … SOFTWARE: Unique ID’s biometric deal draws IT cos, vendors Expressions of Interest invited for verification of 20 crore records.

Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Chargers

virgin Mobile Cell Phone Chargers
Handy says sharpening off, not charging?

I have a Virgin Mobile Cyclops phone, and when I plug in the charger, it says "Phone Off "but it is not a bar shows all the current survey is. Does that mean there will be no fees at all? I thought that if the charging part was broken, would not turn it on or anything when I plugged in, let alone said phone off.

You should try calling Virgin Mobile