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Wind Mobile Cell Phone Canada

wind mobile cell phone canada
wind mobile cell phone canada
a cell phone that supports all Frequencies?

With the introduction of Wind Mobile in Canada I am wondering why cell phone manufactures don’t just produce their phones to work on any and all frequencies?

What is involved in getting a cell phone to work on one freq. versus another?

Finally is there a device that can make a phone work on any freq, and if not why isn’t hasn’t anyone created it?

A cell phone is really just built from a set of radios that are pre-set to a certain frequency. The more frequencies, the more radios are in the phone (very small, but they’re there); if you increase the number of frequencies, you increase the number of radios present, and that increases weight and size; you also increase costs. As you might imagine, that’s not something manufacturers want to do.

Cellular networks have to have a particular frequency to work on, and the phones that use that network have to be on that frequency or they can’t communicate with the cell towers. Cell Phones take up a fair amount of band width, and each country restricts the frequencies on which they can be used so that nothing interferes with them and they don’t interfere with other services, or the rights of others to have access to radio. The radio spectrum is increasingly crowded these days; if you simply let people choose what frequencies they wanted to use, they’d be trampling all over each other, and over other essential services and communications. So, cellular carriers are restricted to certain frequencies, just as are radio stations, ham radio operators, marine and aviation users, and even your TV remotes and your bluetooth headset, as well as anybody else who uses radio frequencies for anything; ALL devices have to play nice and stay on their own “territory” in terms of frequencies, or nobody can use anything with any hope of success.

Thus, even if there were a device that could make a phone work on any frequency, it would pretty much be useless, since cell towers are restricted to comparatively few frequencies. To get an idea of just how closely packed all these frequencies are, you can look at the U.S. frequency allocation table at the link below. Those huge blue chunks are for A.M. radio and broadcast television, which is why going to digital (which uses MUCH less bandwidth) is absolutely critical.

Obviously, you can’t run a cell phone on any frequency because the signal from the tower doesn’t exist on any but a few frequencies; you could tune your phone to another frequency, but you might just as well tune your radio to a random frequency on the dial and hope to get your favorite station – it’s not likely to work. So cell phones must be on the same frequencies as the towers they need to “talk” to, or no talking is going to happen.

Mobile Cell Phone P0-i68

mobile cell phone p0-i68
[mage source=”flickr”]mobile cell phone p0-i68[/mage]

Boost Mobile Cell Phone Reviews

boost Mobile Cell Phone Reviews
Reviews on Boost Mobile Sanyo Incognito cell phone?

What are the good things you like about this phone ? What are the things you hate about it or have problems with the cell phone.

Finally, I know the sanyo incognito uses the CDMA version of Boost Mobile with no walkie talkie. Any problems with the service of Boost Mobile with this cell phone. I know Boost Mobile CDMA version uses Sprint Network. Any problems at all that I should know about ?

I purhcased this phone about a month ago. I think it’s a great value at a reasonable price. First of all, I’m not sure what you are expecting in the way of a “touch screen” front, but don’t expect much. It’s a little akward and not always easy to use. However, I feel what’s on the inside of the phone is much more appealing and worth purchasing all by itself. I switched to Boost from ATT. I have service in more places with Boost than I did with ATT. I do experience dropped calls, sometimes calls go directly to voicemail without my phone even ringing and occasionally the phone has “freezed up” and I had to remove the battery to restart. All this said… I had the same problems with ATT and I was paying A LOT more money. I don’t regret my purchase at all, even with the minor glitches… this phone was a good buy.

Mobile Cell Phone News

mobile cell phone news
ESPN Mobile Alerts Free ?

Does anybody out there have ESPN Mobile Alerts texting their Cell Phones, scores, news, etc.? On their site, it says it’s free, but wanted to make sure it’s true. I have unlimited text on my cell phone, so not worried about that. I also canceled my “Inside Subscriber” account, so wanted to make sure this was really free.

Yes, it is free, only standard text message charges apply. I have ESPN NBA alerts…

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Mobile Cell Phone Repair

mobile cell phone repair
mobile cell phone repair
Good cell phone repair shop in Houston TX?

I have a T mobile dash and half the screen has white lines going thru the screen Does anyone know where to find a good cell phone repair shop that can fix it? Thanx in advance 🙂

Have you tried calling T-Moble Service and Repair? It might be a known issue that gets you a replacement or free repair.

Nonstop News
Today’s media world is global, digital, and mobile. News keeps coming faster and faster. People want to be informed anywhere and anytime. In response to this trend Swiss publisher Ringier has launched a fully integrated newsroom for the Blick Group.

Free Mobile Cell Phone Tracking

free Mobile Cell Phone Tracking
How can I track where my cell phone is for free?

How to track mobile phone

If you keep it in your pocket, you’ll always know where it is.

Seriously, you can’t do anything for free on a mobile network. The operator can track your mobile, but it takes an expensive system to do that. They don’t share that stuff for free.

Your phone can tell you which cell towers you’re connected to, but it can’t send that information to another phone without a) having a special phone to receive the information, b) making a call or sms to the special phone.

News: iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking, folders, home screen, iBooks, rich ads
Apple today announced the release of iPhone OS 4.0, the next generation operating system for its line of mobile devices. Scheduled to ship this summer, with a developer preview available today, OS 4.0 adds 1,500 new developer APIs and 100 new user features to the existing iPhone OS platform. The OS 4.0 update will be fully supported on the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch models, while …

Mobile Cell Phone Search

mobile cell phone search
Im leaving cingular shortly and need help looking for a new cell phone provider.?

I live in southern california zip code (92336) and narrowed my search to two carriers t-mobile and verizon. Ive checked both companies maps online and they look to be similar. with T-mobile it seems i will have 3 bars and with verizon the same. Im lost on what i should be looking for in a new carrier besides voice quality. If i have 3 bars with t-mobile does that mean ill have a signal inside my house? If i go with t-mobile ill most likely get the sidekick3 as my phone, If i go with verizon ill probably wait and the get the vx-9900. Im a little hesitant to go with t-mobile because they have a reputation of not having a good signal in to many places. Verizon on the other hand has a great reputation for having superior signal. I know people with t-mobile and verizon and they swear by there carriers. my friend has a t-mobile phone one of the basic ones so since he has a signal at my house doesnt that mean ill have a signal to? Sorry for the length of this

I have worked for both Verizon and T-Mobile. Hands down you will have better Nationwide coverage with Verizon. But for me that isnt always the issue. When i travel i only go to major cities and major highways which t-mobile has covered. I really will never go to south dakota where Verizon has coverage but t-mobile doesnt. T-mobiles customer care is absolutely unbelievable. They have been rated by j.d. power and associates number 1 in customer service for all cell phone carriers in the U.S. Verizon is starting to get better phones, but T-mobile has way better phones when you factor in that it is a GSM carrierl. This means you can go online and get any Unlocked GSM phone, put your sim card in it and your phone will automatically work. I right now have the Motorola V635, which is only available in Eurpope and I believe now its available in Canada. Another MAJOR issue with me recently with verizon is they lock out all of the bluetooth features besides using it to connect to a headset. You can not connect to a bluetooth device and share audio or pics. (they want you to buy the ringtones). T-mobile doesnt so you can connect to other bluetooth phones and share pics, music, phone book entries. Although i have heard many complaints about over all coverage with t-mobile, i have never had a problem.

My vote is T-Mobile.

Top Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Directory For Tracking Mobile Calls
Where can you do a reverse phone lookup for free? Where to find cell phone records?

Htc Mobile Cell Phones Prices

htc Mobile Cell Phones Prices
htc mobile cell phones prices
Where is the cheapest place to buy a used cell phone online?

So, My T-mobile phones screen broke, and I don’t have the money to buy a new one for full price and can’t buy one from the company without renewing my contract, which I don’t want to do. So does anyone know of a website that sells used phones (flip, slide, smatphones) for a decent price. I don’t care whether the phone is locked to t-mobile or unlocked, but I’m just looking for a new phone, more specifically an HTC Dash. Please Don’t Say eBay.
and i don’t want to extend my current t-mobile contract or purchase a new contract. I just want the phone. No plan or plan Extension. is a good reliable site, you won’t be disappointed…

AT&T Pure (HTC) Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone – Unboxing

Mobile Cell Phone Number Search

mobile cell phone number search
i want to trace a mobile number of my sister who is lost.?

i have lost my sister and she has a cell phone i want to search her where is she plz give me a satisfied answer as i m in trouble.

go to the call center of the network sim you are having…
show them ur id or somthing…and tell ur number has been lost and could you please find the last location….they will surely help…
this is only thing u can do….

Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Search Directory

Boost Mobile Cell Phone Service

boost mobile cell phone service
boost mobile cell phone service
Can I use a Nokia 6102b cell phone with a Boost Mobile Sim Card?

I use the boostmobile primarily because of the Key-up or ptt service it has, which is great and saves me loads of money on my service. I would like to know if I can use a Nokia 6102b with the boost mobile service. Thanks.


Boost Weak Cell Service At Home: Your Options
Verizon Wireless’s “Dead Zone” ads may be creepy, but they capture the essence of a problem familiar to many cell phone users: When you’re indoors, even within your carrier’s coverage area, the network’s signal sometimes simply isn’t strong enough to support voice calls or data services. A slew of products now address the problem–but they don’t come cheap.