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flip phones
what flip phones did they use in a cinderella story movie?

what flip phones did they use in a cinderella story? the scene where chad michael murray (austin ames) and hilary duff (sam montegomery) were msging each other in the friendship circle in their school yard. hers was blue and his was black and grey. can someone please tell me what kind of phones there were using and their names. thank you.

get a still shot from that sceen and take it to some phone dealer or a radio shack or something.

Shopping spree come true for Ft. Zumwalt North student
The term ‘shopping spree” conjures images of wild-eyed contestants running through store aisles, merchandise spilling out of their overstuffed carts.

Flip Phone Gps

Flip Phone gps
Looking for a phone…….?

i don’t need the following (if it comes with it okay)
blue tooth
flip phone
music orientated

what would be nice
quality camera/camcorder
sturdy (doesn’t break after 1 fall)

thanks you!
slide also means like the lg venus-slide number pad 🙂

i recommend the Glyde from verizon… but the sony ericson k850 cyber shot has an amazing camera! (5 megapixels)

Japanese erh.. slide spin flip phone?

Blackberry Flip Phone Troubleshooting

blackberry Flip Phone troubleshooting

Flip Phone Hinge

Flip Phone hinge
flip phone hinge
I broke my phone today. Will I be able to get everything back?

Today I was texting and i dropped my phone on tile floor and it broke in half (it’s a flip phone so it broke from the hinge part or whatever) i’m going to verizon tomorrow so i can get my number transferred to my dad’s old treo so that i’ll have a phone until my contract runs out. anyways, will they be able to get all my pictures, contacts, and calender dates from my old phone?

contacts maybe but everything else including pictures no..theyre gone forever.

Acoustic Guitar Capo “Fringe Hinge” by Brian Gore

Nokia Flip Phones Models

nokia Flip Phones models
What is the best nokia phone?

Im intrested in buying a new nokia,i currently have a 6230i.I want something that does the same but better.Are there models that have the infra red function that you can use as a tv remote??If so i would like one with that also.On top of that the camera must be at least 4 megapixels.Also i dont like clam shell/flip phones so there out!! Any advice please??

nokia n95 go and chek it out

Verizon service cuts mobile roaming fees in Europe
New service to lower international and roaming call charges Verizon Business says it can help European companies cut back on mobile service costs, including international roaming fees, with a new offering it plans to unveil on Tuesday.

Chocolate Flip Phone Reviews

chocolate Flip Phone Reviews
chocolate flip phone reviews
LG enV2, LG Chocolate 3, or Samsung Alias?

Title says all. These are the only phones I am picking from, so no other suggestions are needed(This is very strict). I don’t text a lot, and pretty much only need the phone for calling, taking pictures, and Speakerphone. Oh, and battery life should be great! I’ve seen all the phones in real life and I like them all, but I can’t pick which one! I like the enV2’s keyboard and amazing reviews…but I like the LG Chocolate 3’s design and new-ness, but the Alias’ two ways to flip and I think it’s okay.

I would say go with the LG Env2 because it has a great speaker and flips open to a little keyboard, just in case you ever do text message or go online. This is a little bit more information about the LG Env2:

Review of the LG 8600 (Chocolate Flip)

Motorola Flip Phones Verizon

motorola Flip Phones verizon
motorola flip phones verizon
Which is a better Verizon phone?

I want either the Motorola Krave or the upcoming Motorola Rival. I really need help because i dont know which one to pick. I like the qwerty on the rival, but the flip on the krave is protective and handy, AND MOBILE TV. BOTH ARE TOUCH SCREENS, so it doesn’t matter.

to me both are GREAT phones

Straight Talk w385 Motorola Flip Phone my review

New Flip Phones 2010

new Flip Phones 2010
Do you hate your cell phone Pantech Duo?

6 months ago I got a Pantech Duo, and loved it. The keyboard was great, and the board was quite entertaining and slidy useful. But now, both the controls are loose, so I have to rubber band together, put the keyboard, there will be only in caps and usually mirror the screen. What I dont understand is, I've taken as good care of my phone, let fall Ive never, ever, I have always had a case, they get scratched and I clean the keyboards so dirty and usually the worst part is, i usually cannot get a new phone until March 2010 because of the stupid two years! Have you had a bad experience with Pantech you like me?

My Pantech has worked perfectly well. I love it. And I have at the same time as you, and it still works so great I have no idea.

Twisted Black-Where You At .[Recorded Ova The Prison Phone].2010

Flip Phones Vs Slide Phones

Flip Phones vs slide phones
OK phone owners Flip Slide vs?

I am looking into a prepaid Alltel plan, and I am torn between two slider phones LG Scoop () and the MOTORAZR V3a. Which would you choose personally not to damage (eg scratches screens, broken hinges, etc.)? And no, I do not want to flip open the phone and state the word, "Kirk here." The only thing that is Shatner Denny Crane is good. XD Thanks for your opinion!

the LG Scoop defiant! My cousin has the phone and I love it! (Well, actually it has the rumor with sprint, but it is pretty much the same phone lyk.) It really is good for SMS! Love that phone! Take So my advice, Get the LG Scoop! : D

Nokia 3600 Slide mobile phone

Verizon Flip Phone Reviews

verizon Flip Phone Reviews
Your thoughts on the Samsung Glyde, chocolate 3 and ENV 2?

my two-year contract is over, and her time for me to upgrade to a new phone, but really confused about which phone I should (I have Verizon). I narrowed to: 1 Samsung Glyde: awesome looking phone! but it's touch screen (which I want to keep away from), and I heard some pretty bad reviews about them … but its a good phone SMS. 2nd ENV 2: I've heard it was a very good phone, but it looks like a calculator, and the space is the key side. 3rd Chocolate 3: I have the first chocolate model (sucks) but this is flip and they got rid of the touch screen !!!!! What is most important to me is a cell phone, small, sweet, and simple text with good camera and decent camera. i dont really care about surfing the Internet or music on my phone.

hey those r all three major mobile phones! Glyde: I read tons of reviews is that the touch screen is so small (and it is, I store played thus on the Verizon). It is very annoying and frustrating. plus the keyboard is small and crammed with no controls. Chocolate 3: lol I'm with a problem in the decision, if I want to env, the two or three chocolate! This is a very music based Fone, but I think u dont have to use the music function. I have an iPod. IDK if u can iTunes placed on the phone, but I do not want to spend the money on VCAST. Even without using the music function, it is still a great phone! I like that Chocolate three cool looking with the scroll wheel and screen on the front. and I know ppl say its bad for SMS, but if u use word its really easy. my only con is that when u expand its really big (long), but that's not too big deal. (And I have this game with the Verizon Store) env 2: For Copywriters. some ppl say, the small screen on the front isn't a problem, but I personally do not like it. The large buttons on the front are nice, though. if u open it, it has a great keyboard. i dont like how the space bar on the side, however. u and have access to most things, if the phone is open, get the annoying could. Sometimes I want something quickly to disrupt without opening the phone (which u can do, but its hard on the small screen, which is not over a set of options.) the phone itself is not too appealing. it brings out a lot like a calculator! lol! and its really wide, so it could not in the Most Cell Phone Cases fit. (And yes again, I played with this phone store at the Verizon) all in all, they r all great phone, but I would go with three the chocolate. I think I could Get That! =]] GOOD LUCK PHONE SHOPPING! PS. they all have 2-megapixel camera and take good pictures. I know becuz my old wud fone had only 1.3 megapixels and it took pics HORRIBLE!

Verizon LG VX8350 Review