Cell Phone Case Knitting Pattern

cell phone case knitting pattern
cell phone case knitting pattern

How to choose your handbags fit most

One of my sisters is a fan handbag, handbags, how they see and then buy them down, and always with a suitable bags available no matter in any case – is back to work when a very professional of his knapsack, Outdoor Sports Messenger always a time when a canvas bag; Cart is time to use a small handbags package, time traveling. See more local style bag embroidered with various patterns, and a national of the Chinese Wind Clothing is definitely a perfect … … a beautiful dress, posture and large people can wear more of color, while the case is different.

You always choose the right handbag with the right clothing matched to the line, and she bought determining appropriate occasion. Clothing and bags: fabric and color coordination

If you are also a fashion-conscious girls wear dresses in color, then select favorite color-coordinated pocket. If you wore a plain dress, then with some of the fancy colored packages. If the T-shirts, sports boyish clothes, for example, the selected nylon, plastic, thick canvas category of "hard bag" when the Wearing knit shirts, shirts and other clothing girlish, then the bud with a series of silk, linen or soft cotton and other "soft packs" of. Of course, the transformation of the fabric, texture package also requires a corresponding change.

1.Your faces with the handbag

Do you have clear facial features, the Her prominent cheekbones and other facial emphasize taste a bit like a boy, then the best place is for you, striped gas pockets are male, and a girl with gentle eyes, nose, round face, she had better choose a glass beads, sequins, cute bag.

2.Height complement the handbag: the length of the phase

If a girl want a bag placed in the armpit, then we need to draw attention to the package thickness of the pocket to pay .. Breast gross thin should choose waist girls slender rectangular bags and girls with flat chest, looks like guys choose to, triangular thick bags. If you have large Handbags should prefer, you better keep up. Girls more than 165cm height can select handbags full length about 60cm, which end up in a magazine can not load package, and to choose below 157cm height, a better option for these girls handbags total length of about 50cm, in a magazine sideways loaded package.

3.Function and bag: beautiful and comfortable

I choose the handbags, not only the look but to see the other features. Some have pockets outside cell phone pocket, pen pockets at the same time, which is much more convenient. Some bags have smaller coins, keys, etc, which the bags exceptionally easy to use is installed.

In all these cases, you should think twice before we Handbags buy fashion and luxury, so attractive to us. Then we can use them to make us more fashion and beautiful in the right way

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