Cell Phone Case Magnet

cell phone case magnet
can a small magnet damage a zip disc?

I have a small magnet in my cell phone case, it constantly goes to my zip disk ( the one that has my medical record i wear around my neck –im a chronic pain patient and need my advance directive with me at all times–) it is made by SanDisk if that makes any difference. I know keep em appart and there is no problem lol but after working a 13+ hour work day i throw my stuff in the drawer when i go to get it when im going back to work the two are stuck together…. argh any thoughts or opinions would be a great help
it is the sandisk USB drive. i work in a hospital and everyone knows its on my neck just incase also ive raised awareness to the medical staff and the administratiors of looking for the computer “parts” for medical information and trying to get the hospital equiped to read all possible memory sticks like the MINI SD cards now out. since from what ive seen most computers need an adaptor to read them

A zip disc is information collected on a magnetic floppy, so yes – contact with a magnet could damage the information easily. I would suggest using a jump drive instead.

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