Cell Phone Cases And Holsters

Cell Phone Cases and holsters
Proper placement of items on a duty belt?

Hello, I am a certifed Personal Protection Officer and now it has come time that I have a duty belt. I have what a perceive all the requirments that LEO carry to an extint. I just want to know if there are specific spots for these items.

I am a right hand fire so.

I have a nelon duty belt

21 ” Collapsable Baton

1 Hard Double Cuff Case

1 Key Silencer

1 O.C Pepper Spray Container and Case

1 Flashlight “D” ring

1 Cell phone case

1 Ammunition Pouch

1 Holster W/ weapon

and 4 Belt Keepers.

I know it seems stupid but I want to make sure I have this right so that way I do not look like an idiot out on the streets or patrol.


The placement of equipment is based on personal preference and training. I have some officers who like having all of their equipment on the front of their belt to relieve pressure on their lower backs while driving. Others wear it in the more traditional locations. My advice to you would be to place the items so that they are comfortable for you and only after you have been properly trained on their use. You should be able to deploy any of the “tools of the trade” by instinct and that only comes through repetitive training. Looking good doesn’t even factor in to it. Be Safe.

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