Cell Phone Cases China

Cell Phone Cases china
What is the cheapest way to use a mobile phone abroad?

I'm going with my family in China this month. We are a family plan with Verizon for at our mobile phones. It is $ 2 minutes each in China and 50 cents per call, to send texts. This is too expensive. From what my father did when speaking to a Verizon rep, even if you use a calling card, Verizon still deducting charges / minutes. So what is the cheapest way to call each other? We want to be able to provide our receive phone use in case we separated from each other, for emergencies, so it is best to simply buy a prepaid cell phone when we get to China?

In general, depending on how much effort will you do, and how long are you gonna be, it is cheaper to use a Chinese prepaid mobile phone and save your phone only for emergencies

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