Cell Phone Cases Nokia

Cell Phone Cases nokia
if your cell phone battery is dead (dead like never coming back to life) , is there a way to charge it?

here’s the story:

i dropped my phone in water by accident. then i took out the battery and dried it as well as my phone. i put the battery back in when it was dry and it didnt work. i went to get another cell phone and they told me to keep my old one just in case because it might work again someday. it works now, well with a new battery. but the slot for the sim card is damaged, so i cant put a sim card in my old phone. i want to send pictures and videos from my old phone to my new phone, but i cant unless i have another working battery.

so is there a way to charge a dead cell phone battery?
because i dont want to buy another one.

i dont know if this information is helpful but…
my phone is a nokia 6133. my carrier is t-mobile.
thank you!!

no. its toast

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