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Cell Phone Cases otter
Echo or Feedback on cell Phone?

I have a new blackberry 8350i through nextel. I absolutely love this phone but unfortunately as a Firefighter/Paramedic my job is extremely hard on my phone. To fix this problem I purchased an otter Box cell phone case that encases the phone in a plastic and rubber tough exterior case. Now that it is in the case every one that I talk to complains that they have a very annoying echo on their end of the line. I do not have the echo on my end. I thought that this was weird so while talking to somebody, I removed my phone cover and the echo went away on the other end of the line. I then placed the cover back onto my phone and the echo returned on the other end of the phone. Once again I do not have the echo on my end of the line. One more thing; the echo occurs on both land-line and Cell Phones that I talk to. Please help? I really need a case like this to protect my phone but no one wants to talk to me due to the echo.

Perhaps use a headset if you *have* to use this case, either bluetooth or wired. Otherwise, look for a different case I am afraid.

GAFF Magazine: Otter Box Review

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