Cell Phone Cases Vancouver

Cell Phone Cases vancouver
How much does a mobile line cost in Vancouver? (to get a number)?

-Assuming you have a mobile phone and you want to buy a mobile phone line and to get a number.How much does it cost if it is “pre-paid” and how much if you go to “register” for it.?

-In case you register, how long later after registration you will get one?

-Also if you can tell than in Vancouver area which “Cell Phones” have a better functions? Is Nokia a good choice for it?(as I have heard that mobile phones function with differeny qualities in different areas.)


You can use your own phone and just get a new SIM card and credit when you’re there. I did that, but beware, it is not cheap. We got ripped off in Brampton at a mall kiosk and they locked our phone and then charged us $30 to unlock it. I think it cost us over $100 just to have a mobile for a few days. It just wasn’t worth it.

Democracy Now covers ETC Canadian Group re: w/Geoengineering. Chemtrails?

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