Chocolate Flip Phone Reviews

chocolate Flip Phone Reviews
chocolate flip phone reviews
LG enV2, LG Chocolate 3, or Samsung Alias?

Title says all. These are the only phones I am picking from, so no other suggestions are needed(This is very strict). I don’t text a lot, and pretty much only need the phone for calling, taking pictures, and Speakerphone. Oh, and battery life should be great! I’ve seen all the phones in real life and I like them all, but I can’t pick which one! I like the enV2’s keyboard and amazing reviews…but I like the LG Chocolate 3’s design and new-ness, but the Alias’ two ways to flip and I think it’s okay.

I would say go with the LG Env2 because it has a great speaker and flips open to a little keyboard, just in case you ever do text message or go online. This is a little bit more information about the LG Env2:

Review of the LG 8600 (Chocolate Flip)

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