Compare Smart Phone Operating Systems

compare Smart Phone Operating Systems
Tmobile Shadow vs Blackberry Pearl?

I need a new phone and I decided to make the jump to a smart phone. I have come between the Tmobile Shadow and the Blackberry Pearl. The phones are very similar if you have ever compared the two you will know what I mean. The two mobile phones are almost the same price so that is not a problem I just want to get the best phone I can. The Blackberry is a little older therefore it is missing a few features that the Shadow has. However, the Shadow runs windows which I have heard a lot of people really don’t like. My question is is the Blackberry worth it because of its OS or do the Shadow’s features make it better. Also if you have any comments on the Microsoft mobile operating system I am open to those too. Thank you.

Yes the blackberry OS makes it a buy.
From the reviews i have seen the Windows Mobile is the flaw on the phone. one thing i have herd is that the wheel… Well here ill give you the video reviews. Which by the way makes comparison to the Pearl

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