Compare Smart Phone Prices

compare Smart Phone Prices
Recommended Smart Phones to replace a PDA?

I've got Windows Pocket PC PDA that I have for reading ebooks, and web surfing in wifi zones. His first worn out and I need to replace it, but PDAs seem to go out style and it looks like I will need to get a smartphone instead. Smartphones seem All screens are tiny in comparison to dedicated PDA, pathetic battery life, or cost 400 pounds / $ 550, twice the price of my PDA, which I bought on the way in 2004. Any recommendations?

Now if you are not looking for a phone and you could just get the iPod Touch, although it did not have Microsoft applications, things that you can enter very fast and easy to operate to its correct it by e-mail or keyboard if you want all, and a telephone get the iPhone is it when you need it trust me!

Nokia e51 GSM Smart Phone

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