First Flip Phone Ever Made

first Flip Phone ever made
Which Cingular Phone is the Right one for Me?

Well ill start off with some background info. I used to live in San Diego (im currently 18) when i went to highschool i had to have the coolest latest greatest Phone for Verizon. now im in Kentucky and my only option is Cingular. However Which phone to pick from? most people out here are hicks (in my opinion) and own these ridiculously old color Flip Phones, I want something that says hey look at me, Im your first civilized business man out here, What ever i get must be a Pda/ Smart Phone, theres no turning back to those ugly basic phones anymore. I want something with an Os like windows mobiles, NO PALM software. Now i have also owned in one point in time every pda phone made by verizon, and overall i loved the Palm 700W. However keep in mind im still a Kid, im a senior in high school, All i want is an awesome phone that will work for cingular, So yes unlocked Phones are also an option. I like the Iphone but i cant justify spending $600. Probably $400 Tops, 2 Year Contracts are ok.

i would suggest the samsung blackjack. it has all the bells and whistles with windows mobile os. it has a good camera and multimedia features with a music and video player. it is a fast 3g phone. i have this phone and like it alot better than the blackberry pearl. go to and look at this phone’s specs and see what you think

Mark Zuckerberg: The temptation of Facebook’s CEO – Full version
If not for founder Mark Zuckerberg’s stubborn streak, social-media pioneer Facebook might be just another part of a giant media or tech outfit today. Instead it’s a giant on its own, with close to 500 million users, some $20 billion in market value, and millions of investors eagerly awaiting an IPO. For his new book, The Facebook Effect: the Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the …

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