Flip Phone For Sale

Flip Phone for sale
How will I ever choose a cell phone ? ?

I’m trying to choose a new phone , but I’m having a hard time with it . There are certain things I want , but I don’t know if I can get everything in one phone .
Features most wanted:
-flip out / slide out QWERTY keyboard
-music player

Things I can settle for:
-A touchscreen QWERTY keyboard
-total touch screen ???

But the other thing is that I have 100$ . I was looking at the LG VU (on sale at AT&T 50% off) for 100$ and a 50$ mail in rebate . But the antenna for the tv (which I will not use) and small buttons(?) for the keyboard are making me think twice . IT also had internet access , which would be nice . But One thing that might be possible is switching net works . But I really want a fold out/slide out keyboard (for texting) .

Thank you very much for helping (if you do) .

get the iphone its got all the things your looking for

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