Flip Phone Full Keyboard

Flip Phone full keyboard
flip phone full keyboard
What prepaid phone companies have full keyboard phones?!?

I have sprint now, and I have a palm. the bill is too high each month so im thinkng of swithing to prepaid. I want a phone that has a full keyboard. Not the kind that slides out or even flips open, but like the palms and blackberrys is just right on the front, know what I mean?
any suggestions would be great 🙂

t-modile, att, are the biggest prepaid companies with full keyboarded phones. i dont know in what part of the country you live but here in texas the cheapest prepaid plan unlimited talk anytime is $30, unlimited talk-text-web is $45. company called cricket and sprint phones is compatible to their system. you just pay $20 to unlock any sprint, some nextel, verizon phones.

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