Flip Phone Pda

Flip Phone pda
flip phone pda
I am about to get a new cellphone but i don’t know which one to get. Any suggestions?

I am a Verizon subscriber and at the moment i have the older version of the enV. I’m getting really sick of it because it is really fat and old. I’m looking for a stylish phone but one that its useful. I’m a very busy girl and was thinking of getting a PDA/smartphone but am concerned that i wont be able to use it because it is very high-tech. I do not know if i should get a regular flip phone or take a risk and get a PDA/smartphone. I would like suggestions and advice on phones that meet my desires but that are durable and have a good battery. I am really interested in the Motoral Q or the Palm Tro 700 but the KRZR and enV seem really cool too. Anything will be helpful at this point. Thanks in advance!

PS – im also interested in a phone that can be used as an mp3 but that is not really important. just a perk if the phone has it. Thanks!

The best phone you can get in your situation is going to be the Motorola Q (maybe the new black version they came out with). Its got everything slim, full QWERTY keypad, runs windows mobile, big color full screen. If i were in your shoes you’d bet that’s what I’d be getting.

Emerald – 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM World Phone + Flip Key Pad.wmv

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