Flip Phone Recorder

Flip Phone recorder
Buying a new phone?

The want a new phone and was walking when anyone has any suggestions. I do not want a flip, and I may consider a candy bar, but a slider would be preferable. I want to look attractive, but not too girly, apparently not coz im a girl. I need at least a 2-megapixel camera and video recorder on, and if possible, a video-telephony system. I need also built an MP3 player to it with good sound, and it must store are expandable. Please if you have any sugestions on what I should to do this, and I have a budget of £ 110, although I do not know what that is in the U.S. Currency … Thankyou

Sony Ericsson W910 with 2MP Cam-vid record – Shake control to quickly shake forward or back a track – Accelerometer to rotate (image rotates to the side, if u switch phones like the iPhone sidewayas) – just 12.5mm thin and stylish – excellent video playback + mp3 – expandable Memory for more info click http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_w910-2007.php

Flip Video Recorder

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