Flip Phone Support

Flip Phone support
Ok my phone has stopped working right is there anything that can be done?

Ok I have the Alias 2 from Verizon and I got it around the first of June this year. Now it loses service and I have to shut the phone off and wait alittle while for it to come back (and its the phone because my mom has a older crappy phone then I have and it doesn’t do that, also I do the *228 thing to upgrade service stuff), it turns off by it self randomly, and it has a hard time change screens when I flip it (it flips two ways), also the e-ink technology goes kinda funky like it almost changes but then it doesn’t so it’s greyish…. Is there anything that can be done because its not that old… Also the online help lady said to call tech support and I highly doubt they can help some of the problems…

Call customer service, you will probably have to do a phone exchange. Very easy to do. They send you a new phone, & you send yours back!!!

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