Flip Phone Touch Screen

Flip Phone touch screen
What type of phone should I get?

My dad said I have until the end of the day today to pick my new phone because I have put it off too long because I can’t decide what I want. I’m on verizon but I can’t really get any of the newer phone because we would have to change plans. My question is… what kind of phone do you like. Flip phone, blackberry, touch screen. Is the keyboard on the touch screen hard to use? Do you like having a full keyboard? Those types of things. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

The answer really depends on how you will use the phone.

If you text a lot, go with a full QWERTY real (not touch-screen) keyboard (e.g., slide-out).

Recommendations for QWERTY phones:
Palm Centro – Excellent choice and only $9.99 – plus you can add thousands of Palm applications.
LG Voyager
LG enV
Samsung Alias™ 2
HTC Ozone
Any Blackberry – if you can afford it.
HTC Touch phones – have Windows Mobile Pro on them – very nice if you can afford the.

If you don’t need the phone for texting, then I would recommend any phone from Nokia – they tend to be very good for calls, and typically include FM radios.

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