Flip Phone Tripod

Flip Phone tripod
how can i get my mom to buy a $179.00 Camera? Answer a.s.a.p?

Okay so i really want this Camera how would i get my mom to buy it its a flip video ultra HD it comes with a package dell u can get a tripod or w/e i want the camera itself and the tripod how would i get her to buy me it? my b-day is not till 6 moths we do have a camera but it dose not hook up to the computer my mom thinks it dose but she can not figure out how. I hear this is a good cheap camera to buy. Do u think if i clean the house everyday for 4 or 5 weeks b/c i never clean the house but today i did only b/c i was bored then do u think she will buy it for i do use my phone camera but its a Peace of crap. I would get a job but no one is hiring theses days for a 16 year old girl.
i did not know what catergory to put this in so sorry if its in the wrong one
i am good kid fyi i never get in trouble unlike my sister who use to get in trouble i get strieaght a’s all the time and i am on the honer roll.

ask her to get it for you as an early birthday gift, and even offer to pay for half, or pay her back once you have the money/ doing chores around the house will help too. also show her what a good camera it is. good luck!

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