Flip Phone Verizon

Flip Phone verizon
Best Flip Phone Cell Phone for a Verizon customer?

I am getting a new phone soon (I need to get it before next Thursday). I am not sure which kind would be best but I know I want a flip phone because I like the look and the functionality better.
Any maker is fine (Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc, etc) and I don’t care how high the price is.
Thank you to all of those who answer.

Depending on what you want to do w/ ur phone as far as just using it for calls or if u want a camera phone or a mp3 capable phone…….. My recommendations for each category would be…

Just for calling —– LG 3450
Picture Phone —– Samsung 870
All the Above —— LG 8300 , Samsung a930 , Razr
The 8300, 930 and Razr have mp3 capabilties and are terrific phones. I sell them everyday and have had very little problems w/ these phones. The MP3 phones allow you to put in a memory card to transfer music, pics and video. Makes tranferring these things simple – either from ur computer to ur phone or from ur phone to ur computer. You will have to buy a card reader to put the memory card in and this will fit right into ur USB port on ur computer. The card readers are only about $10 – $15 and the cards run anywhere from $30 – $70 depending on the capacity u want. Most MP3 phones will only hold up to a 1gb card.

The chocolate is good too, it now comes in white as well as black which I would suggest. The black one seems to get alot of fingerprints easily.

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