Flip Phones Vs Slide Phones

Flip Phones vs slide phones
OK phone owners Flip Slide vs?

I am looking into a prepaid Alltel plan, and I am torn between two slider phones LG Scoop () and the MOTORAZR V3a. Which would you choose personally not to damage (eg scratches screens, broken hinges, etc.)? And no, I do not want to flip open the phone and state the word, "Kirk here." The only thing that is Shatner Denny Crane is good. XD Thanks for your opinion!

the LG Scoop defiant! My cousin has the phone and I love it! (Well, actually it has the rumor with sprint, but it is pretty much the same phone lyk.) It really is good for SMS! Love that phone! Take So my advice, Get the LG Scoop! : D

Nokia 3600 Slide mobile phone

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