Flip Phones With Gps

Flip Phones with gps
flip phones with gps
Do i have to change my plan if i upgrade my phone? 10 points.?

OK so I’m tired of the Flip Phone I’ve dealed with for too long. i have had my simple old flip phone for 2 1/2 years. I asked my parents if i could get a nicer phone. They said sure, as long as it did not mess with the plan. im sure they would not mind a couple dollars here and there. but what ever. we have a simple plan. no internet, we have 10,000 texts and idk how many minutes… but what ever so i want the SAMSUNG OMNIA and i cant figure out if i would need to change the plan. all i want is what we have now. i dont need internet, gps, all that crap. just texts, calls, and the cool widgets and stuff. 🙂 so if you have ANY idea weather i would need to change my plan even if i did not want anything extra please tell me 🙂 the fastest *Best* answer will be picked so hurry but dont rush (does that make sense? oh well) thank you in advanced.

If you buy the phone for full price, you don’t have to change the plan. However, if you use an upgrade, you (or the the account holder) have to sign a new contract. If you’re on a family plan, your line is a separate contract. If the plan you have is currently available, you can choose that. If the plan you have is no longer available, you will have to choose a new one.

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