Google Smart Phone Nexus One

google Smart Phone Nexus one
Which phone should I buy? Android Phone or IPhone?

I’ve never really had that sophisticated of a cell phone before, and I’m starting my 2nd year of high school next year. My dad agreed that I was mature enough to buy me a smart phone, and after some research my decision has come to an android phone or iphone (3GS). Well, more specifically my choices are 1. the iphone, 2. the google nexus one (android phone), or 3. the HTC Evo 4g (also an android phone)

So I have a few questions.
1. On Wikipedia, It says that the nexus One will no longer be available as of may 10. So does that mean it is no longer for sale?
2. If I were to pick an android phone, should I buy nexus one (if it is still available) or HTC Evo 4G?
3. Are any of these phones listed not worth buying?
4. Are there any other smartphones that you would highly recommend?

Thanx for your time, and please give me some helpful answers. I will probably be using this phone for a very long time, so I need to make the right decision.

1) nexus one will be available in the stores… online sales will be stopped from may 10( source
2)tough competion between nexus one and HTC EVO4G.. choice is simple if you want larger screen go for EVO4G.. and has bright display too..
3)listening to music mac lover and all means go for IPHONE… else nexus one
4) i would say you can wait till iphone 4g comes it has multi tasking too… just wait and see the reviews and buy… if you need urgent go for nexus one…

Google’s Nexus One Phone Leaked

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