Google Smart Phone Sprint

google Smart Phone Sprint
Sprint cell phone user! Google moment or Blackberry Curve?

Okay, so I have an LG rumor and always in a new phone tomorrow. What Should I Google Moment or the BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone? Does anyone have one of these, which is better, you think? Yes, I think the Palm Pixi is ugly, and the pre I've heard is really hiorrible Well, I would like it to Internet like Twitter Facebook MySpace kinda. But basically, texting and I am not much of a games person

I have a curve and for a moment. The moment has many apps but battery does last for nothing! it must always free. even if u lock up ur time u have to return it to and bring cannot get anything off him. goes in and out of service all the time. So I guess everything's gunna ur it for use. Talk and SMS BlackBerry .. Games and such a moment.

Unboxing the Sprint htc Evo 4G smart phone

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