Google Smart Phone Verizon

google Smart Phone Verizon
Best smartphone/PDA phone under verizon wireless?

My phone plan ends in 20 days and I am a college student (20 years old) looking for a smart phone/PDA phone under verizon wireless since my parents are switching to verizon and I want to get cheaper call rates. I’m looking for a phone that has a really good day planner and calander preferably one I can download from my computer since I am very ADD and need to be organized on the go. Also I want to be able to check e-mail, browse internet, use google maps ect. What is the best phone that does all of that? Outside of verizon wireless, what is the best phone out there of all plans?

Blackberry just made a new device that has a remarkable resemblance to the iPhone. With the touch screen, simple buttons, large screen, and a simple device. People think it’s called “THUNDER”. So wait a few days.

Or you could just go with at&t and get the new 3G, GPS, Thinner $200 iPhone. Yes just $200.

AT&T and Verizon Want to Be Your Banks, Too.
AT&T and Verizon are teaming up to test a new payment option for consumers–skip the credit or debit card all together. The two service providers are hoping that the centralizing magic of your smart phone will carry over to payments as well–and they’re probably right. From BusinessWeek, The partnership, which also includes Deutsche Telekom AG unit […] AT&T and Verizon Want to Be Your Banks …

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