Htc Smart Phone Applications

htc Smart Phone Applications
Blackberry Flip HTC Touch vs Pro2?

I'm 6085 on the improvement of planning my cell phone from Nokia. I text, e-mail use and a lot. The functions of the I use the phone most Messaging voice mail, photo / call display, text messaging (including image and video), e-mail. However, weather, Facebook / Twitter and uses small Internet-browsing. 3G/3GS the iPhone are nice, but I see no reason for him if any additional applications for the want it. I personally think, is one of the few things I like about the iPhone. Anyway, besides being off topic, I would some opinions on what should phone / smartphone I buy would like. Thanks.

You might have to ebsilk a view, many types of mobile phones and very cheap! You will like it good luck!

HTC Touch Diamond2 Software Tour

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