Lg Flip Phone Camera

lg Flip Phone camera
Problem with phone or cable?

I have a LG300G cell phone and i bought a USB cable for it at a local Walmart it is a USB cable for the LG Chocolate and various other phones but when i plug it into the computer all it does is ding as a new device has been plugged in than it just charges the computer doesn’t pop up with a balloon saying “New Hardware” Like it does with my Motorola W375 Is the a problem with the phone? is the phone not compatible with USB connectivity? the phone is not even listed on the LG website and i went on the LG600G phone that we also have being the phones are the same; same charger, same software version, same phone only difference it the 600G is a Bluetooth Flip Camera Phone i got this USB cable to get ring tones to my phone as the 300G does not have text messaging or Web ccapabilities whereas the LG600G does

Sounds like the phone. It probably doesn’t support being hooked up to the computer without special software.

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