Mobile Cell Phone Act

mobile cell phone act
Questions concerning Virgin Mobile and the new Wildcard cell.?

I’m thinking about buying a Virgin Mobile Wildcard cellphone and I’m wondering if it’s a smart move. I currently have a Nokia 6133 through TMobile (I have a pay-as-you-go plan). I’m kind of sick of it, TMobile doesn’t really offer anything unless you have a contract and lately the service has been sucky on my phone. (When I turn the phone on it takes a good 2 minutes before it can find a network and I live in Chicago; very much in the city.) Plus, the phone itself has been acting weird and I just got in June.

Is Virgin Mobile any better? I had it once, back in 2003 when it first came out and I remember it having alot of glitches, such as many problems with texting, (I would text someone who had a different cell service and they’d never receive my messages; and visa versa). Does it still have a lot of technical glitches and problems?

How’s the reception and network if you’re in a city environment?

I’ve been very happy with my Virgin Mobile service! I live in Orlando, but recently took a trip up to Chicago.. my phone worked great the whole time!! I’ve gone through a few different phones with them.. and I now have the Wildcard. I LOVE IT! If you’re into txtg, its a really good phone.. and it takes good pics. One of the other posters mentioned the Super Slice, but the antenna in that phone is on the bottom, so you always get less bars (I tried that one before I finally got the Wildcard). So IMHO…..


Cell Phone Providers Put On Hold For Moratorium
In an effort to address public health and safety concerns regarding wireless communications facilities, City Council is expected to pass a 120-day moratorium on the construction or approval of new facilities during its meeting on Tuesday, April 20.

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