Mobile Cell Phone Antenna

mobile cell phone antenna
what is the best cell phone to have for a mobile home?

I live in a mobile home and have to go outside to make calls…..I have cingular/nokia. Anybody know the best phone and will some type of antenna/power booster help?

If you have a metal roof mobile home and the home is in a slightly weaker reception area, you may find that none of the service providers can give you good reception inside your home.

But if you can get reception outside of the mobile home, you may want to look into an external antena. They can cost $30 to $100. Be sure you purchase one that will work with your phone. Some phones will require a special adapter cable. Depending on how strong your signal is, a desktop unit may be enough and they are very cheap.

If you want to get serious about getting a strong signal, you could get a cellular amplifier. There are car models and home models. The less expensive ones will be hardwired to your phone. They will cost $200-$300. Wireless ones will cost $400 to $1000 depending on how serious you are.

Hope this helps

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