Mobile Cell Phone Chargers

mobile cell phone chargers
mobile cell phone chargers
Do Cell Phones and laptop computers automatically cut off the electricity supply when they get fully charged?

A friend of mine told me that one should disconnect the charger of a mobile phone or a notebook computer after they’re fully charged else the battery would get overcharged (hence damaged, shortening its life). I am of the belief that most CellPhones and portable computers already cut-off the electricity supply to the device upon completion of charging, and there is no need to worry about overcharging.

What is the truth? Any other suggestions?

This use to be true that cell phones, laptops and other devises that have rechargeable technology when remanded plugged in after fully charge would lower the life of the battery. But today battery technology has advance that this no longer happens.
Now a days the battery will be charged till full then only receive the amount of voltage it needs to stay fully charge to not lower the life of the battery.
Battery technology is advancing fast and soon the market will get batteries that live longer and longer.

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