Mobile Cell Phone Plans

mobile cell phone plans
t-mobile cell phone plans?

my parents are thinking about getting me a t-mobile cell phone w/ the $30.00/month plan. my question is, is it worth it? i will get free wknds and nights plus 300 whenever mins. it will pretty much be 4 making calls in emergencies, but if i want 2 talk 2 my friends then i will do it after 7 or whenever the nights start. is this a bad idea?

$30.00 a month isnt really that bad, thats what? 8 Coffees at starbucks? I think it’s a good idea, you never can be too safe. Plus how many times are you on the road when you need to make/confirm plans? 300 min is about 13-14 min a day (since you get weekends free) Thats perfect for a few short phone calls. Plus it will work anywhere in the united states, so if you ever travel you’ll always have a phone handy, no need to buy phone cards. Not to mention all the handy tools carrying a cell phone offers: clock, calander, alarm clock, address book (not to mention mp3’s, camera, storage in advanced models) I think it’s a great idea.

With T-Mobiles 29.99/month 300 min plan, its actually unlimited weekends only…no nights. So maybe the 39.99 plan with 600 anytime and unlimited nights & weekends(nights start at 9:00 w/ t-mo btw).

So there is some stuff to think about, if you decide to go ahead and sign up, I’d recommend the Nokia 6133
Specs here:
Its got all the coolest features and you should be able to get it for free on a new activation. It actually gets great user ratings despite being a free phone.

Anyways hope that helps 🙂

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