New Flip Phones 2009

new Flip Phones 2009
new flip phones 2009
My phone screen randomly went black!?

My phone is the Pantech Impact (At&t). When I was at the store i went to flip it open and the screen was black. But the front of the phone is perfectly fine and it works. I can type on the phone and send texts and it the keys light up and make sound but the screen is black. I checked for water damage, there isn’t any. I took the battery out and blew on it and everything. When I do turn it on and leave the screen flipped the screen gets all fuzzy and its rainbow colored. PLEASE HELP!!!!
This is what my phone looks like-

If it’s brand new, just call tech support on a landline, and the warranty should cover it, as long as you’re sure there’s no water damage.

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