New Flip Phones 2010

new Flip Phones 2010
Do you hate your cell phone Pantech Duo?

6 months ago I got a Pantech Duo, and loved it. The keyboard was great, and the board was quite entertaining and slidy useful. But now, both the controls are loose, so I have to rubber band together, put the keyboard, there will be only in caps and usually mirror the screen. What I dont understand is, I've taken as good care of my phone, let fall Ive never, ever, I have always had a case, they get scratched and I clean the keyboards so dirty and usually the worst part is, i usually cannot get a new phone until March 2010 because of the stupid two years! Have you had a bad experience with Pantech you like me?

My Pantech has worked perfectly well. I love it. And I have at the same time as you, and it still works so great I have no idea.

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