Nokia Smart Phone Touch Screen

nokia Smart Phone Touch Screen
nokia smart phone touch screen
Best Mobile Phone on the market?

I have had times of a Nokia N95 8GB for and it is the best phone I had before, it does everything. The only negative Point is the flash is weak, but it is great for calls, games, media, etc. .. The time for an update and I wanted to go for the N97, but The first assessments were aweful, touch-screen is the shit, like the "QWERTY" is keyboard. So I may look at the new iPhone, even camera has a shit. Is there anything better yet, a brilliant all-in-one smart phone with excellent camera, video, apps, calls, mp3s, emails, etc? or Apple really wrapped the market?

ok. I would deffinetly recommend the iPhone. It does everything a phone can do and more. plus they do not have a bad camera. I used it, and got crystal clear pictures.

Apple profits share in smartphone market in the first quarter of the growing power of Apple Inc. in the mobile-device market was underscored Friday in two ways: in a report by IDC shows to win the iPhone market share, and in a fresh application of mobile phone giant Nokia Corp.

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