Prepaid Smart Phone Plans

prepaid Smart Phone Plans
prepaid smart phone plans
What would be my best option as far as a cell phone plan goes?

I havent had a phone in over a year. I used to have cingular but i doubt i will go back unless there is a good deal there. I am on a very very low budget but I really need a cell phone. I would like a nice phone with a camera and all the other extras but i wouldnt need anything to extreme like a smart phone or a blackberry. I would like a plan with unlimited texting and I would not require a lot of minutes per month because i would mostly text. Rollever might be nice or perhaps something like my circle from altell. I have heard from one person something a/b altell having a prepaid service with free unlimited texting and then no obligation to buy minutes. Is this true? Thanks to all who reply with helpful information.

I signed up through Sprint and the Simply Everythign 450 plan. You get 450 voice minutes, ulimited mobile to mobile (Sprint) minutes, unlimited nights and weekends included (7 pm – 7 am), unlimited text/picture/video messaging, and unlimited date/Internet services. It’s about $75 including surcharges and taxes.

Great reception, great speed, no dropped calls. I have the Instinct as well. Absolutely no complaints and the 450 minutes is more than enough for me.

Prepaid Mobile Service Plans from Page Plus Cellular

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