Samsung Smart Phone Sprint

samsung Smart Phone Sprint
samsung smart phone sprint
How often do you watch TV on your smart phone? Does it stream w/o buffering? What channels do you get?

I would also like to know if it is practical to, say, read the newspaper
on a smart phone. I am looking at the Samsung Instinct by Sprint.
Nobody has a demo for me to look at though for TV or Internet
so I am looking for opinions of others who have these types of phones
(smart phones, right?)

I WOULD watch tv on my smartphone, but im not paying for constant buffering. We dont have AT&T 3G in Omaha yet so ill wait till then.

For everything else, I suggest getting one. I have the Samsung Blackjack2. Had I known about the instinct, id have waited, but I love the one I have. Smartphones do everything you wish your regular cellphone did and then some.

Samsung Moment for Sprint Android Phone Demo

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