Samsung Smart Phone Verizon

samsung Smart Phone Verizon
What is a new or upcoming cell phone with a QWERTY keypad thats for Verizon Wireless?

I really think that the enV and the other samsung are getting old, and I need to know if a new ones coming out. (But I don’t want it tobe a smart phone, maybe a pull out keypad) I also looked at the Motorola ROKR Z6m, but I can’t figure out when that is coming out. PLEASE HELP ME!

Well, the ROKR Z6tv (this version of the Z6m will be coming to Verizon and will have the Vcast TV capibility) doesn’t have a QWERTY keypad, and it is known that the RIZR body series are very hard to text on. The Samsung u740 is not old, it just came out a few months ago.

To my knowledge, there are no new feature phones with a QWERTY keyboard coming out anytime soon.

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