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Smart Phone Apps for business

Acer E110 Betouch: Smart Phone For The Masses

Taiwan-based Acer Incorporated is pleased to mobile enthusiasts something to us, with the high-end Acer Liquid e. given have also entered the business phone market with their mobile phone for young professionals, the Acer P400 NeoTouch. The Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer has a different phone Android fans lined (Or more likely, for the first time smart phone users, E110 will try with an Android device) the Acer beTouch.

Wi-Fi: A No Show?

Among the Android phones, that Acer in this year's Mobile Phone Congress has started, the E110 seems to beTouch the cheapest one with only subpar specs in. Since it is likely that Acer is marketing this device in particular to those that are thrown at the opening of its smartphone collection are the specifications forgivable. Which is not the absence of something that a standard for new releases: Wi-Fi connectivity should be.

For a phone that markets are undoubtedly as a web-connected smartphone, the lack of a Wi-Fi a big misstep for Acer. The phone itself seems to choose an affordable package, especially with the number of good offers from mobile operators from those days. The absence of a Wi-Fi is not a problem for those who get this phone solely for surfing the Internet as a decent data plan is be a must.

An office and a living room in Your Pocket

Despite the fact that the E110 was designed, is a budget phone but it grab some remarkable properties both for work and play. Like his cousin, WinMo, the NeoTouch P400, Acer's E110 is equipped with a Pocket Office, with the OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF viewer comes. For those notes, a memo function is also need in record up thrown out of the list.

Built Facebook Twitterfeed apps and other social network integration applications simply make the connection to friends. One of these applications is the Internet Radio app as "Spinlet" means. This gives users the freedom to stream songs from major music labels on the go and share them with friends and family via social networking sites like Facebook or e-mail messages. The application called Acer avatar as the "Acer UrFooz Enables" the preparation of their similarity in a 2D format and share their creations in front of her social network Local needs profiles.

Optimised hardware for the use of the Internet

The E110 runs the Google Android version 1.5 "Cupcake" OS. While older, it is stable and it has a user interface. BeTouch The E110 is equipped with an ST Ericsson PNX6715 416 MHz processor. It has Bluetooth (version 2.0 with A2DP) connectivity and is able to connect to 2G, 3G and EDGE networks.

There is no question that the Acer E110 beTouch Masses is a standard telephone for. It does a great job in terms of their purpose, to surf the Internet and a device for the location of the main work / school Functions. For those who have to deal more with more customization options, and if, they are probably better off looking for either the liquid for a high-end e Google Android device, or the P400 for a WinMo OS.

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